Hey i was just wondering if i can get any comments or feedback on which classic 50 i might buy. The 4x10 or the 2x12? What are some advantages, disadvantages? I heard that you dont get too much bass response from these amps so is 12" the way to go for the lower end instead of the tighter 10s?
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Well if you're really looking for bass response in a similar amp, try the Peavey Delta Blues. It has a 15" speaker. I have a C30 and i don't find it incredible bassy but I don't think it's really lacking either. If you're going for the C50, I would get the 212 version if you're feeling somewhat indifferent. The 212 will be easier to carry and cheaper to upgrade the speakers as the stock Blue Marvels aren't great. That and the 212 and 410 will sound different but not night and day different.
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^ The 2x12 will be a huge pain in the ass to carry, you'd be surprised how bulky 2x12 combos can get O_o
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^I know, I gigged with a 212 for a while. I'm just saying it would be easier than a 410 since it's smaller and lighter (though not by that much). Come to think of it, my vote is for the C30. It's super portable and way more powerful than you'd think.
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I have had an earlier 212 and the new 212. They are a really nice amp for rock and blues.If you can't hump a combo around thats just plain lazy. I gig with a twin and the classic and i'm an old man.
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I would go with the 2x12 because the stock speakers are meh and if you ever decide to upgrade them, you only have to replace 2 instead of 4. Plus it might be a little smaller and lighter. THe classic series are great amps.
Good amp, good price. I would recomend the 30 over the 50 just for the fact that its lighter and alot more mobile, but tone-wise they are pretty much the same. There isnt too much difference between the 4/10 and the 2/12 apart from what was mentioned, the 12s have a slightly better bass response and the 10s have abit more punch, but not hugely noticeable
I have found when I was trying out classics, I thought the 4x10 had more mids and treble response, which would be more for a lead player. But, the 2x12 would be better for a rhythm player since it had more bass.
I went with the 4x10 because I play lead, and it just sounded better and more even than the 2x12.
Go with what sounds best for you.
I would go with the 30 if I were you though.
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