hey guys, omg, iv had this ibanez xiphos xtp 700 for a while, and its a fantastic guitar, the pickups scream. but the bridge is driving me insane, its an edge iii and it never holds tunings after dive bombs and the sustain aint too great. but sustain isnt my worry really. are there any bridges out there that i could use to replace it with that fit the guitar, wouldnt require routing the cavity and have great tuning stability? ive heard that the ofr fits, but i dont want that to sway ppls minds. thanx.
Have you taken your guitar to have a proper setup? Chances are, the problem can be remedied without you having to change any parts whatsoever. It may be an issue with the balance between string and spring tension. That should be the first thing you look into, since it is the cheapest option.
^ +1

The Edge III really isn't that bad once the knife edges are lubricated and you've got it set up properly.
im thinking about buying that guitar, would you mind tell me any bad points it has?

yeah iv had the damn thing set up, but perhaps its my locking nut... the nut's bottom lock doesnt hold, the thread is broken or something...maybe cos of my heavy string gauge :P any ideas?