i saw the other thread.
i DONT want a modded one.
i just want an original one.
in pretty good condition
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No I'm not Jesus. I would aspire to be though. I think under circumstances he would let you pay less if you needed to.
I have a new in box BD-2 for $70 shipped. New, never used. Bought it for modding, but will not get around to it, too much other stuff to do.

Handled for less than 1 minute, never plugged in, ever.
how big of a difference in tone is the modded one compared to the unmodded one? i like to use mine occasionally and like it a lot, but i've been wondering about the Keeley mods.
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^want to trade me your BD-2 for my modded one?

No thanks, I got a Humphrey Badder Monkey and I'm happy with it. Another one of the reasons I will not be getting around to the blues driver.