Do they make certain albums sound recorded at a lower quality in order to sell more? Maybe giving it that more indie feel or something?
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It matters what you mean in "lower quality". DO some artist go for a more bare, not so fancy sound? Definetely, do others go crazy overboard with high production? Definitely, it just matters how you want your album to sound.
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The White Stripes do this. They save money and sell more albums. You just wish you were as smart as them.
Black metal isn't tr00 black metal unless it sounds like it was recorded in a cave in Norway with a talkboy tape recorder.
I pretty much have no problem with 'lower quality' production, i think it sounds kind of cool, depending. Just as long as the bass drum doesn't sound like it has tin foil stretched over the head...(aka Into Eternity's Scattering of Ashes)