I Saw 311 on sunday (yes, Easter) it was an awesome show, probably the best i've been to. i was right up to the front and you can tell that the band has real good energy to them. If you ever get the chance to see them I highly recommend it, they are great live. I am definitely going to see them again. the next bands I would like to see now are Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains (too bad Layne Staley is dead), and if System Of A Down were to reunite I would like to see them.
Smoked a blunt on stage with SOAD before they were ever popular... they opened for Incubus (on tour for SCIENCE) before they sold out.... was sweet, singer was sick and anyone could get up there and sing, so there was like 20 people on stage

311 rocks, saw them with Matisyahu last June in ATL

saw RATM in Greenville SC back when they oepned for U2, no-one was there and that rocked too, old poeple like U2 not rage apparently, lol
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I saw them recently on-
3/15 in Rolla, MO
3/11 in New Orleans for 311 day show. 3 sets. 63 songs I think. 5 hours.
Unbelievable. Great live. They've got a cool heavy metal reggae ska thing goin on

Tim Mahoney (along with Jimmy Page, EVH and Hendrix) had a big influence on me purchasing an electric guitar
I've seen 311 at least once a year since about 1998, and everytime I see them it's a better show (except for Tucson Convention Center in 2006). They have the most fun shows ever.

311ZOSOVHJH, I'm with you man. Tim definitely made me want to play guitar.
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