Heres a song I wrote A couple days ago. I play guitar in a hardcore metal band and I haven't played much else for quite some time and I kinda wanted to prove to myself that I could write more widely accepted music and do a good job with it. There definitely are characteristics that make it somewhat obvious a guy who does metal/hardcore wrote this but I think this it came out good. Let me know what you think, Tell me your favorite and least favorite parts. Thanks I'll return any criticism on anyones songs if you want.
catchy song.zip
Well first off, it sounds alot like trvium, wich is one of my top 5 bands. Second of all, i love the chord progression and the leads. Nothing really bad with it other than the drums, but its your piece so.........
I didn't like bar five at all. I liked how the lead and rhythm worked together. I didn't like the clean part very much it was kind of out of place. 7.5/10
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you start with this ^ and then it does not work on my comp......letdown