ive been looking to buy an acoustic-electric for awhile, something like this:

but after thinking about it, how useful would the electricness of it be? im mainly looking into getting an acoustic of some sort so that i can play on my local outdoor mall and make cash quicker so i can upgrade other stuff (like my ****ty MG), but im also planning on playing small gigs (school shows etc.) with the guitar i get, and im not planning on getting another acoustic

so my question is, would it be more efficient for me to get an acoustic electric or a regular acoustic? i mean i was thinking the acoustic electric would be better in the long run, but now i dont know

please give me some advise on whether i should get an acoustic or an acoustic-electric

Edit: im mostly a metal, blues and classic rock player
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the yamaha APX and CPX series are better than Ibanez as far as I've heard.
If you buy an acoustic guitar, and you change your mind, you don't have to buy another guitar, you can place a microphone on it. or you could install a piezo pickup on it ( or let someone else do this) to amplify your instrument.
even at a small show, using an acoustic electric and an amp is better as the guitar only projects so much. You'll be able to get over crowd noise with an amp
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Mostly depends on whether you're married to the idea of a cutaway and whether you want the controls/EQ in the guitar or not. If you don't mind outboarding your controls and not having a cutaway, there's some great sounding acoustic-only guitars that shouldn't be ignored, as you can always add a pickup later.

Efficiency-wise, assuming you're talking about money, you'd come out about the same, but it would be a little cheaper to get it already installed. The guitar companies buy the electronics in mass quantities and pass those savings on to you, plus you don't have to pay a pro to install it, assuming you get a pickup that might need a pro to install it.

Also depends on what kind of pickup you want. If you like the unique warm sound of a soundhole pickup better than the unrealistic universal sound of an under-saddle transducer, then there's not much point in getting something that has a UST already installed. Some people like all the controls and the piezo sound and the cutaway though.