I'm not sure about the title. I know I can do better. The song is also rough. Theres just a lot in it, and I usually like to use as little words as possible. I feel like maybe some of it is unnecessary; however, I pretty much like all of the stanzas individually. I'm not too certain about the ending, either...

how easy it is
to look forward and forget
how much time i've spent
with such weathered regret
as if predisposed
to live life and waste it

lessons learned
and they, unlike myself
have such fleeting shelf-life

is this life on earth?
are we all just convulsing?
adding on mileage since birth?
is life's goal simply to avoid hurt
live for pleasure
is there nothing else of worth?

bring it back
that way of life i once knew
i still know you
bring it back
so that i can see
that you are still with me
that i'm still living towards eternity

and now for humanity:
a tighter cage
a new day, a new phobia
which choices do we make?
do we live life face to face?
do we turn our backs and begin decay?

in the chokehold
will we even know tomorrow?
what can break such fear?

i will show you
a selfless love
i will lift you
above you
because the fight was won
between arms nailed open
you will fear and lie
and i will love you

and now i see
you fought where there was no light
and now all thats left for me
is the good fight
and now i start walking

We're only strays.