I was just thinking about this today while I was driving around. If you were to get into a really bad car accident (or any kind of accident really) would you rather die than be paralyzed in your arms? I could handle being paralyzed in my legs, that wouldn't be enough to make me want to die, but I could not go on without the use of my hands.....for guitar...... (you sick perverts)
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I'd rather live. Although it would be pretty horrible having to live without being able to play guitar.

And masturbating.
Id rather live. Guitar isnt everything - just 99.99% of it
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The guitarist from evanescence was told he would never play guitar again and he did XD

But i would rather live, guitar isnt everything
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Cause i will never learn to play with my feet cause they smell bad~
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I'd learn how shred on a harmonica!
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