Hey guys, I just wondering whats the deal with EMG pups? I see alot of them and was wondering if they are good for metal or something? If possible, would they fit in my ESP F-50 or is it not worth the bother? Thanks in advance.
Not worth the bother. I'd save up money and buy a guitar with EMG's already in it. When you get a decent guitar, then it's worth the bother
depends if youve got a tube amp. if you have, then you could use them...if theyd fit.. =P
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EMG's are pretty much partly designed for metal players. kirk hammett, mick thomson, all use EMG's.
Well I really didn't plan on buying any. I was just basically just curious....I like lots of overdrive/distortion and wondered if these would benefit me at all. Unfortunatly I have a Laney HCM60R which just happens to be a solid state