Hey all, a fellow bass player of mine is looking for a new bass around the £300 mark he's been playing a GSR200 for 2 years and now figures its time for a change, and we're heading to stores tommorow, What reccomendations can you give to try out?

I was thinking Rockbass for him, but a hazardous guess..

Thanks in advance!
My Fender precision bass was £320 (Y)

Great bass.
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You'd be looking at Warwick Rockbasses, Middle range Ibanez's or top Yamaha's there.

Top Yamahas? I don't think so.

TS what kind of music does your friend like to play and what do they want out of this bass?
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He's a Thrash/Death Metal guy so 5 string area?
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Also, if your buying in £, good luck getting a Schecter or Traben, almost impossible to find in the UK
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Ibanez ATK300. Mine is gorgeous in every way

EDIT: Missed the "thrash/death metal guy" bit. That bass won't be for him then it's a slappy, funky bass