Well, you seem to be playing the right notes, but your timing's off. Also, practice and make sure open strings don't ring out when you move your fingers. Keep trying, youy'll get it.

edit: Oh, and by the way- I think it sounds better if you use pulloffs.
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Well yea, in terms of notes you played it correctly but the timing was off, Listen to the song and try playing along to it to get the timing down, otherwise not bad, not bad. I remeber the days when i tried to learn all this stuff
Ahh, thanks guys, just the advice i was planning on getting, good to know you guys aren't all "you suck!"

"get a haircut!"

"why are there so many songs about rainbows!?"


But yes thank you for your advice guys. =]
You have the foundation of it down. As people above me have stated, work on getting it clean and smooth. One problem I noticed was that you aren't completely on time. Listening and playing along with the song should help.

Keep it up!
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**** man, that sucked. Get a haircut, and learn some songs that aren't about rainbows... sheesh. :<

Nah, just messin'. It wasn't bad, at all. Practice on what other people have said above me.

There's just one thing I noticed straight away; You're posture. If you want to torture yourself, that's the way too sit. If you really want to rip it up (and judging my your 'metal looks', that's your goal. ), teach yourself how to sit properly with the guitar. This can help prevent nasty conditions with names I can't pronounce, and will help your playing immensely, over time.

Thank god the phone rang.

I gotta admit, it take a lot of courage to post crappy playing for all to see.

Maybe you should get a hearing test.
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Thank god the phone rang.

I gotta admit, it take a lot of courage to post crappy playing for all to see.

Maybe you should get a hearing test.

LOL. Sorry I'm not rockin' any green day for you bro...
Quote by siksofus
Thank god the phone rang.

I gotta admit, it take a lot of courage to post crappy playing for all to see.

Maybe you should get a hearing test.


I thought it was pretty good TS. You had the basics down, and the vibrato was pretty good.
Be cool.
shibbiez, sometimes some honest criticism helps.

Seriously though, as with guitar and life, nobody likes a "showoff". Keep at it.

A good rule of thumb is to plan on a year or two to become proficent at guitar.

Dont get too wrapped up with your progress after a month or two.
not bad man

use pull-offs in the ummm I think it goes like


or something lol i cant remember.

other than that work on making it smooth. you have the notes down and everything, it just isnt clicking timing wise.
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Not too shabby, but WAAAAAY too much gain, too much treble and not enough mids.

You're still kind of sloppy though, work on it at a speed that you can play it perfectly at to iron out the mistakes like open strings ringing.
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Not bad, you should try tapping your feet to keep timing right, and the last note on the lick, you seem to just vibrato it, but you really are supposed to bend that note up and then down and then release. Sounds confusing, heh, if you really want a good tutorial on how to play that song as close as possible to the real song, look up SoloDallas' Back In Black tut video. I learned from that, and it has helped me greatly, by not just playing Back In Black nearly perfectly, but in technique!
i think you have the basics down, it might help to use either a metronome or play along with the music (what i do) to get the rest of the timing down just right. also, work on muting those strings, especially during the rests.
not bad. just get the timing right on the single notes. an turn off your phone.

hows the guiar BTW?
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