I decided to do a cover of Damn Regret by The Red Jumpsuit Aparatus. It is in my profile.
The bass is a midi bass (the virtual bass VST which comes wih cubase), as I dont currently have access to my bass guitar. The drums are midi drums, and im quite pleased with how they turned out. They're not identical to the origional song, but I believe I captured the 'feel' of the origional drums.

I used pitch correction on the vocals. They wer'nt bad, just a little off in a couple of places.

Let me know what you think
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The intro riff sounds... awful. vocals were alright. Timing was a bit off, keep on working with the intro, and mix a little bit more.
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I thought I already posted here, but I guess I forgot to hit submit...

Anyway, the main problem with this cover is timing. The intro riff timing sounded a bit off and the vocals lagged behind in some spots. Make sure you can hear the backing instruments when you are recording. If that's not the problem then just practice and tighten up. The recording quality was good but turn the vocals down some, they overpower everything else.

Aside from the timing issues, the vocals were decent. There is definitely room for improvement, but I can't think of anything specific. Just keep singing - you'll only get better. Overall it was a decent cover though. Nice job!

And thanks for the crit!
I don't know the song, but I enjoyed listening to your cover. I didn't think the timing issues were obvious at all except in the intro. I really like the accent with your singing. I think your voice has a lot of potential. It sounds like you're holding back a little...or singing without a lot of emotion. You have vocal talent though so you just need to work on putting more into it. I also thought the recording overall sounded great quality wise.

crit me?