hi im learnign the freebird solo at the minute but theres one bit that i cant get my head around. Ive watched loas of people playing but i cant work out what they are doing. I looked and some of the tabs on here and the tab for that bit doesnt sound right. Its the bit after


any help would be greatly appreciated.
The tab is right man. To play it use your ring finger to bend the 18th fret on the B string and with your pinky play the 18th fret on the high E string after playing the bend. The notes are not played simultaneously. If you've never done these, they might be tricky. Practice it slowly, take your time and you should be good at it in no time man. Good luck!
hmm i think you play them in a barre fashion. When your bending the 18th fret on the B string flatten your fingers so that it rests over the 18th fret of the E string so that you just have to pick that note without having to move your hand. If you understand what i mean, you should get this eventually.
Thats how i do it anyway, maybe there is a better technique idk.
actually gibders technique might be better, but choose which one feels more comfortable for you.