ive been looking at this

i play lead guitar in my band and basically you can barely hear me, but im afraid if i get this the singer will complain you can hear him,

is there a way i can plug my singer in the same amp?
or buy a cable that will do it?
or recomment me another amp with these attributes?

get a tube amp
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i cant imagine why for any reason you would want a MG.
You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!
i wanted to get aN MG, but there notorious for breaking easily, besides, y dont have to have the volume on full, so problem solved
MG's have got a terrible reputation on these pages.

The same money gets you this;


The difference is night and day. Its still a solid state amp despite the use of a valve but if you can't afford a tube amp then I'd deffo recommend this above all else in that price range.

Btw if the singer complains just turn it down a touch. One of benefits with these amps is that you can turn the amp's power down from 50W to 5w (think its 5) without losing the tone.

Go try one.
Quote by blacklp
i cant imagine why for any reason you would want a MG.

agreed, get yourself a decent amp and tell your singer to get his own damn PA system.

I'm a big fan of the valvetronix series by VOX if you're looking for something affordable that has a lot of options and sounds great. If you want Higher gain try the Valvetronix-XL series. either one would be a lot better than an MG. and still in a low-midrange price.
here we go...

there are two basic kinds of amps, tube and solid state.

without going into a lot of technical jargan here's what you need to know

Tubes: sound better, are louder per watt, have better dynamics and feel, are a little more delicate and tempermental than solid state amps, they cost more.

Solid state: Cleans generally sound very good, distortions sound like crap. are more durable than tube, generally more reliable, are more inexpensive.

Hybrids: can be made in a number of configurations but most use a tube (or two) in the preamp and the power amp is solid state. the preamp shapes the sound, the power amp amplifies it. so many hybrid (in my opinion) sound nearly as good as all tube amps and are a great option. (Vox valvetronix series are hybrids)
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well I don't think you're going to find a "good tube amp" for £200. you'll be looking close to £350 and up for anything decent in a tube design.