Anyone ever had musical depression? I have had it terribly for the past week, so today I stayed guitar-less for the whole day. Yes, I locked up all my axes and didn't touch them at all even when I had the itch to. I'm hoping that tommorow, when I wake up I will be refreshed and begin to enjoy writing and playing music again.

Do you think this will help?

Do you think I need to do it longer?

Have you ever done anything like this?
learn something you woudlnt normally play. ive been in a rut lately, and i just learned a little country lead stuff and its really inspiring me
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seriously pick up your guitar and play your favourite song or one that you adore playing, it'll make you realise why you got into it all
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itll take longer

or at least it does for me

then when you go back into it, just crank the amp, put distortion on max, and go nuts with your favorite songs
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im an acoustic man... i dont 'crank up distortion'....

... i 'stick on a capo'

Then do that

I know what you mean though, sometimes u just can't be stuffed lol, just leave it for a bit, then muck around playing your favourite stuff and go from there
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im an acoustic man... i dont 'crank up distortion'....

... i 'stick on a capo'

Capo's don't really help creativity. All they do is allow for one to use open chords in different keys to accommodate other instruments.
I've been in a bit of a rut recently as well. I plan to overhaul all of my gear over the summer, and I'm hoping that it will inspire some creativity and songwriting. There are a number of jazz clubs and coffee houses around here, and I'd really like to get a supergroup of sorts together for some Liquid Tension Experiment-like improvisation.
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Yes. I take breaks occasionally, or slow down the amount I play daily. By the end of a few days I usually love the instrument again.