right now im building a custom amp and cabinet but cant find grille cloth that looks remotely good w the finish i used. ive tried to use regular fabric as a grille cloth but it obviously had a terrible effect on the sound so i took it off and conceded to the fsct that only grille cloth can be used as grille cloth. i was wondering if it is possible to spray piant the cloth itself to get the color i want and if i do will it affect the sound negatively?. thanks
Yes you can spray paint it, No, it should not affect the sound much.
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regular fabric had a bad effect on your sound? i just took the metal grille of my cab and stapled in some velvet green cloth, looks awesome. what kind of effect did it have? cause mine sounds good, I think you could spray it and it wouldn't affect it too much
it really muffled thje sound becuase air wasnt passing thorugh it... i guess thats why they make acoustically invisible fabric. but thanks for the input guys maybe ill post picture of this and the modded guitar when im done. if i finish drafting maybe ill post some before and after cad drawing asap.
Check fabric stores in your area. In addition to fabric cloth, they should have dyes you can use. Paint may end up just chipping off. Or hobby/craft stores.
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