It seems that whenever I strum my pick starts to slip after a few up downs. does anyone else find that? is it because im just using some cheap picks that I found or what? or am I holding it wrong. I try to hold it a bit tighter but then I dont have any control. I kind of bend my index finger and trap it between my thumb and that.

don't hit the strings as hard?
just a guess

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it's technique, don't worry.
find out the technique that's right for you, then practice, practice, practice and trust me..all will be fine.
You probably just attack the strings like a rabid badger. I have this problem too. I have been working on relaxing my playing and not mauling the strings. Just try to remember to relax when you play. I notice I do it more on difficult songs.


they sell picks with grip on them, i think the company is called dava

You are correct sir.
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yea I feel that im very relaxed, even too relaxed thats why its falling out
that used to be a problem for me but i just kind of got used to readjusting my grip on the pick while playing, so now its kind of second nature. just keep playing and practicing and little kinks like that will eventually work themselves out
Some people's fingers sweat more than others, some picks just don't grip right, especially with certain nuances in strumming/picking style, such as if you are hitting the strings at an angle. I'm one of those. I have found that the Alien picks, which are pretty much identical to the Snarling Dogs, work for me great. I use a .73 red one, and have no problems. If I just pick up a normal pick, or even ones such as the Dava's, I will experience this same exact thing. Try those alien or snarling dogs, they have dozens of tiny plastic prickly things on each side that grip to your fingers and aren't affected by sweat.
Also try different thicknesses, I found that I can hang on to those thicker red ones much better than the thin ones for some reason. I can grip the red ones indefinitely, I'm not sure why. I used to use the green ones, and even tried purple, both of which still have the prickly things, but I still dropped them and had them rotate more. These red ones don't budge though. I imagine everybody is different though.
Clayton sells picks with cork grips in lots of different thicknesses. I find them comfortable and they never slip. The cork also is very durable, so picks last a long time. Hey, they're cheap, give them a try.
I have the EXACT same problem, in the begginning I only show a small part of my pick, the rest is hidden under my fingers, after a few strums it start slipping out little by little until it falls, I really hate it, and I still have it even after almost 5 months of playing... It doesn't matter whether I'm relaxed or not, or strumming hard or not, it always happens.