how do i explain to my friend that offspring is not even close to the best punk band. he thinks that because they were on the radio and because they sold many albums makes them the best...
the offspring - the offspring................... best punk album ever....... your friend probably doesnt know why, but he is right you know.........
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this sounds like a fifth grade question i once got that tried to help me learn the difference between fact and opinion...
let him listen to the better or the original punk bands (not saying offsprings are bad, i love them), you know, ramones, circle jerks, sex pistols, the clash, etc.
I breathe air.
i know they arent bad but i really don't think that they are the best punk band.if you think they are the best punk band can you tell me why so at least i know why they are the best?
Maybe you should start off with that The Offspring aren't a punk band.
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