Easy people new here and new to guitar only started a few weeks ago finding it hard sometimes but love it when i play something i recognize , just learning to play a few songs in a fashion a few chords struggling to get timing right. first few songs Ive tried to learn or wish you were here, (Floyd ) redemption song (bob Marley) fat bottom girls(queen) and today looking and trying live forever(oasis). I'm hoping to be able to play welcome to the jungle guns n roses, enter sandman metallica and stuff like green-day, Nirvana. i wish..... maybe one day, any hints and tips would be great thanks for reading
Well welcome.. You should tjeck https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=794605 though :P
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green-day, Nirvana.

practice chords, mainly barre chords. thats about all these bands are besides simple solos ^_^ good luck with that
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