These speakers will be used for gaming, youtube videos, and random music. Also I will be playing movies off them on my 50'' plasma TV with the family ( 5-6 people ) so they have to be decently loud and good sound quality and that loudness.

I will be considering a 2.1 setup and also a 5.1 setup ( or 7.1 but not preferred )

For the 2.1 setup I just wanted to view some simple comp speakers for music and such nothing huge like http://www.directron.com/promedia21.html .
Just to mingle with and look nice and to watch movies on if I want to ( LCD )
Budget less than 200$

For the 5.1 setup ( My parents really want wireless speakers ) I need something with nice sound quality and some good headroom for loudness. I would like to have a subwoofer that does decent bass/treble but not just overpowering vibration and loudness. I want it to sound good. The sub needs to be for movies not hip-hop music.
( This is just a broad example http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16836121120 ) < Something like that but preferred wireless.
Budget less than 500$.

Thanks for the all the replies. I am not a audiophile but I do want something decent and will last a while ( 3-5 years ).