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The PBT is for those too TGP for the rest of UG.

I don't really think there can be a Best Guitar Ever...there are guitars for different styles, and people have different opinions...therefor:

/dumb thread
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I think it is Gibson SG. What is your opinion?

I'm agree, but it's a stupid thread
Dean explosion v 255 my oppionion btw
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Les Paul is awsome guitar too. My favorite is 57' Black Beauty.
I think that a Dobro is the best ever,

I would put a custom "SEARCH BAR" on it.
not another one..

Well i don't know. I would have to play every guitar in the world (or at least every make) to decide. But then it would be my own opinion.

Everyone has there own turn on.
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Well, I'd say the Paul or Tele. Apples and oranges though.

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That Tele is so ugly, the LP is nice though.
Anyways dumb thread.
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my dream guitar would be a 24 fret fender stratocaster with a white body and black pickguard, seymour JBs in the bridge, and two tex mexs for the middle and neck, it would also have a floyd and a maple neck. Too bad it doesnt exist
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This is an opinion based thread! There is no best guitar as it depends on the person playing the guitar!

Although, a nice heritage cherry sunburst 1959 Gibson Les Paul, oh baby!
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