Can someone tell me how to link a button so it goes onto the next scene???Need it done really quick!!! Also if anyone could give me a link to a good tutorial site that would be great, thanks in advanced.

Google for the tutorials and....I'm great at flash, but do you mean a hotkey? If thats what you mean, then i dont know, but why would you need one? (if thats what your talkin about)
you need to make it play on release under the action script.

Lets say Frame 1 is the button, you set it up like a button.
Now Frame like 2 or so is the next page or whatever (make sure you have a separate layer that stops the movie with actionscript at the beginning and end of the slides)

Make sure the button is selected with the selection tool, go to action script, then his play. Should say
On Release

something like that.

*edit* i forgot about the GoTo thing.
Lol, I guess he does mean an actual Button, not a hotkey...but what Slashrules said should work if I'm not wrong.
Rule of thumb: Don't use scenes.

scenes are great for really simple videos, like for a banner that changes color three times or something.

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