I have an epiphone g-400 61's reissue sg right now and I find the action to be pretty bad. On the high frets, the strings are quite far away from the fret board. My question is that if the action can be set up to be low on my g400? I've tried to lower the action by myself and it creates a fret buzz, the lowest I can get it is not that low. Can the action be set up low like a strat or something? Or are sg's type of guitars made like that? Or is it just because its a cheap guitar?
the action on mine is perfect. Nice and low. Also the action on a strat is meant to be high.

You should be able to change it, but you might have to change the intonation as well. That might be why you get fret buzz?
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Does intonation lower the action? The strings go at a downward angle from the bridge to the nut. The higher fret strings are high, but the frets closer to the neck are way low. So thats why if i lower the action, then the strings are touching the frets near the neck. Is it suppose to come at a downward angle?
i think i understand you. I just had a look at mine, and yes fmro the bridge its a downward angle to the nut. But there is still space.

I might be your truss rod? the neck might be bulging up slightly?

Pics could help.
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