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Fender FM210R
0 0%
Fender 212R
0 0%
Behringer Studio Cab
0 0%
Marshall MG100DFX
1 100%
Fender Vintage?
0 0%
Voters: 1.
Alright I have a dillema and I was hoping the pit could give me some help

I'm buying a new amp.
I play Metal, Rock and soft stuff

Heres my choices:

Fender FM 210R , 65 watts, two 10", with 1 button switch for $250

Fender FM212R, 100 watts, two 12", with 3 button switch for $295

Behringer Studio Cabinet, eight 10", which i will need to buy a head for, for $500

Marshall MG100DFX , 100 watts, one 12", for $350

Fender -something old- , one 12", supossably 300 watts[?] for $300

So wich one would be best to commodate my style of metal/rock/punk and be the most "bang for your buck" ?


and they all suck.

Check these out:

Peavey Valveking - 399$

B-52 AT112 and 212 - 549$ and 749$

Traynor YCV40BLUE - 749$

I've heard good things both on these forums and elsewhere about these amps.

I even tried a Valveking.

EDIT: If you don't want to spend as much $$$ on them all, you can buy from eBay or Craigslist for a lot less.
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I posted this here cause the other forum things don't have alot of active people, unlike the pit.

hmm, I'll keep the Valveking in mind
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