Guys, would you buy a MIM Strat and upgrade as you could, or keep saving for a MIA Strat with the same stuff? I have an acoustic an my daughter's cheap electric, so I can keep playing on it while I save. I didn't know if there were going to be other benefits to the MIA that would be worth waiting for. I'd probably end up upgrading to locking tuners and replace the pickups and bridge on the MIM. I assumed that the MIA would have that stuff. Thanks in advance.
The American ones are built to a higher standard with better woods, if you can handle the wait i'd save for one.
Or you could possibly save for just a little wee bit and get a MIJ strat. We're talking $400-$700 on ebay.
I'd save up for the american strat personally. Or go for a highway one and put some locking tuners on it.