So I've been playing for a guitar for a while now, but it's only been in the privacy of my bedroom lol. Now that me and my guitar are...intimate...I've decided to take her on stage. So, I've made a little mini band and our first performance is tomorrow! I have never played in front of an audience ever before and so I'm very nervous. I know there are lots of performers here on this site, so I'm sort of looking for suggestions on how to calm my nerves so they won't effect my playing. Please help however you can!
Just have fun, you are on stage and they are on the floor, they have nothing to say about you !
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i find that there isnt anything u can do. you either get nervous before preforming or you dont. I dont get nervous for playin instruments in front of ppl, but anything else and my stomach ties itself in knots.
just dont take it too seriously, have fun with it
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practice practice practice. The more you practice, the more you will feel confident in your playing and the more relaxed you'll feel on stage.

Try practicing in front of a few people, people your age?

And just have fun with it, if you miss one note, no big deal, no ones really going to notice unless you are playing in front of all guitarists. haha
Try to have fun. Don't get hung up on anything that might go wrong, the people watching won't even notice.
Well, if you miss a note just keep going, and try not to reach a complete stop.
Just remember that all you are doing is repeating what you did in rehearsals. It's your first gig, so don't worry about looking flash or anything like that, no one's expecting it. Just concentrate on what you're doing, find your zone that you naturaly get into during rehearsals and just play it exactly the same as you've already practiced it. So there's an audience in front of you, so what? You don't get nervous playing in front of the rest of the band do you? So why should you be nervous playing in front of anyone else?

It's always a good idea to start your set with your easiest, or at least, the song that you all know the best. That way, the immediate pressure of going on stage is dulled slightly by you're first song being an absolute doddle. This allows you to relax a little and settle into the gig, once the first song is out of the way, you're confidence should have grown slightly and you'll be warmed up, ready for the next song.
Ignore any bum notes from the rest of the band and don't worry about any that you may make, everyone makes them, even professionals.

Also, if anyone says, 'drink a beer' or 'smoke a joint' ignore them, This kinda thing won't help. It may initialy calm your nerves before the gig but it'll be a nightmare when you're on stage and you suddenly find you can't play as well as you normaly can.

Good luck and have a good one.
Also, come back and tell us how it went.
Well iv found that the best thing you can do is have confidence in your playing. Also dont worry about messing up, the more you think about it the better the chances that you will
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Just have fun, you are on stage and they are on the floor, they have nothing to say about you !

if they do , **** them; theyre ****s.
if you happen to make a mistake, the worst this you can do is act like its the end of the world because it's not. The best thing you can do is laugh at yourself if you mess up somehow and carry on. noone will think less of you for the mess up but people will think highly of you if you handle it well. go on stage expecting to make a mistake or two and deal with it positively.