Hey there!

I'm have to record one songwith me on guitar to send for an application for a school. I have to record it well enough so I can be heard but quality overall is not neccesary. I think I will use Audacity to import a sound file(backing track) and then record me on guitar on a seperate track and then be done with it.

Now I have to choose song and find a good BT for it. I was thinkin' Stevie Wonder - Superstition if I remember the name right, since I played it before... "You can feel it all ooo-over... GO! *cool interlude* etc....

It shows both rythm and solo which is good. I was even thinkin' of put a simple lead thing in there if I have time to but I can't find a good BT for it =(

Anyone got a BT for it or can recomend me another song with a nice groove, not to hard but shows both good example of rythm/comp and solo playing.

I only have a few days left to finish this so I gladly appreciate fast answers!
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