The deal is that the bridge is raised too high, meaning I cannot go down with the whammy bar because the bridge is at it's maximum height.

When I told my friend who is a more experienced guitarist than me he said that it was a simple fix and I just had to take off my bridge plate on the back and fiddle around with it.

The thing I need help with is... what exactly am I supposed to fiddle around with?

If it's of any importance, my guitar is a MiM Strat.
theres 2 ways u can tighten the screwes from the springs to the body till it levels out but it sounds like you have had the guitar for a while and they are worn out and you should just buy new ones most guitar stores have them
the screws on the trem claw (if you don't know what this is, it's the thing that holds the springs in place that's not the bridge block). I can't help you past there, so post this in the set up Q&A thread.
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