£100 - £200

i know this price is low but im not rich and its all i can muster up for now, sorry.

i play mostly metal, ive heard great things about tube amps, but there are a tad pricey i hear.

so any help would be aprreciated!

A Roland Cube or a Vox Valvetronix XL. They're probably the best you'll get for metal in terms of £100 - £200. They both sound great though, I reccommend you try them out.
go 2nd hand... you'll get a much better amp for your money... make sure you check it for damage tho

i got my amp for £180 and it should have been like £300 and it's good as new really
I've got the Vavletronix XL and really like it...

I also have a Valve Junior that can do OK for metal with a distortion pedal like the metal muff, but the Vox is probably your best bet...