I have learned this song from the ACDC tab book Family Jewels. It's a huge book w/ like all ACDC's songs. Anyway I also looked up the tab here on UG and I noticed a minor variation in the way a few of the chords were played, mainly in the chorus. When I play the song both ways it sounds pretty much the same, however I am wondering which should I trust- the UG tabs or the book?
well neither of them was actually written by ac/dc they're both different peoples interpretations of back in black so its up to you. From my experience tab books are usually not as accurate as the ones people have but on ug but its up to you learn whichever one you want.
I would check out the comments for the Back in Black tab and see what others have said about it. The book is probably pretty accurate though.
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i like UG cuz there are so many interperations of one song
that way, if i need to i can peice them together to make them sound the best
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