Ok so last saturday I finally got my 6505+ off of layaway and I have had a chance to fiddle with it. But since I left all my pedals in the band practice space, I haven't had a chance to use any of them. But I was looking through the manual and it mentioned something about the effects send and return in the back. Do I run my pedals through there our with my guitar in the input? I don't really know too much about FX loops and whatnot.

some pedals are best used in front of your amp and some are best used in the effects loop. for example, an EQ or a boost pedal would be good in your effects loop. a crybaby or a distortion are best used in front of your amp IMO. delays and chorus, and stuff like that can go either way i think.
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how would i set up efects in the effects loop do i plug my guitar in the imput and then effects in loop ? but wut do i put in the input of the effect
I have one other question. The head did not come with a footswitch, and I've been advised that using a regular distortion pedal does not sound good. So i've been looking for the 6505+ footswitch and there is only a few places that i've found one, but do I have to use the 6505+ footswitch specifically or can I use different ones, and if so, which ones would be good.

I saw that, but the only thing I wasn't sure about is it doesn't say anything about 6505+, just the original. Plus thats only got 2 switches whereas, the 6505+ footswitch has 3 switches.
Call Peavey and order a footswitch directly from them.
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