For the first time in years, I got a Kinder Surprise today...

What? These used to be cool contraptions and shit, but now I get an... Ant eater in a bikini... walking crabs? Huh?
the maker of them got arrested for possession and distribution of cocaine, thats why they are no more, and thats why the toys are so ****ed up nowadays.
Maybe samnung bought up the kinder company?
Quote by Kensai
Maybe samnung bought up the kinder company?

o i c wut u did thar Kjell.
I used to love them, nowadays the toys are piss poor.
I hate them now, too. I used to get them at lunchtime on Tuesday and Thursday, and play with the toys during physics.
I remember there was one really awesome car, one of the ones you pull back and then it goes, that was really fast. It was full of win, but it went too fast, and wound up in the bin.
I thought a Kinder surprise is when you take your dick out and jump into a Kindergarden class full of kids while you yell Surprise!

Oh how wrong I was.

Seriously, what are these things?