Okay, so i know that some people, many people, name their guitars. So I sat there one day and thought... what should I name my guitar. Betsy? nah... Susie? nope... i dont really know. Anybody have any good suggestions on names. Am I weird for wanting to name my guitar? what do ya'll name your guitars?

Edit: Would you suggest naming it after a girlfriend, family member, nickname you had... etc.

Second Edit: Its black with a white faceplate white and is a squier strat affinity. i currently dont have a camera to post a picture of it.
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name it Goatse.. or some stupid pit answer like that

a guitar names gotta be meaningful.. cant be something someone over an internet forum suggests.

on a sidenote.. am I the only one who thinks 2Guitars1Gigbag is a good idea?
Hmmm, I need to come up with a bunch. I never thought about it honestly, sounds like fun though, thanks.
damn betsy is so cliché i thought of it when i only read the title of this thread -_-
Why don't you post a picture and give some backstory?
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on a sidenote.. am I the only one who thinks 2Guitars1Gigbag is a good idea?


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Hmmm...that -is- a tough one! x_x My guitar is called Magus; Latin for 'wise-man' (and my favourite character in Chrono Trigger, SNES game. Cough. *nerd* XD)

Sometimes just...look at it XD It needs to be a relevant name to you; it should have a 'feeeel'!
I recently named my Alexi 600-SE (black w/pink bevels [that part is important])

because recently, I saw a Camaro (car) with a black main finish and 2 pink stripes along it and reminded me totally of my guitar and that band, BangCamaro, thus my guitar's name is found.

Trying to think of a name for your guitar is hard, because you generally come up with cliche, gay, or stupid names.
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btw, for he who owns the fender '60s telecaster, I'd call it Tweed.
ooo, i like that... using latin roots to make a name, kinda cool.
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my gibbys name is lola, my acoustic is layla, and my artcore is roxanne.
my strat is yet to earn her name.
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Someone name their guitar Amy...
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Eh, I'll just throw my other guitars' names up here, since you guys are doing it :x

- 1996 Fender Standard Strat (in Ocean Turquoise) - Bailey
- Fender 60th Anniversary Commemorative Standard Strat - Silver (was called Moon, but after the mods, the new pickguard kinda took away its... " Mooniness"...?)
- 1981 Gibson Sonex-180 Custom - Tuxedo/CHOCOLATE THUNDAAA (the name my friend gave to it.)
- Parkwood PW340FM - ... The Parkwood

MrDURPEEDURP: Tweeds nice I'll think about it.