Hi all, my first post here.

I just bought my first electric recently, a Fender MIM HSS Strat. I bought a cheap FX Amp so that I could decide the amp and cab I want when i get to a stage where it is worthwhile for me to spend that money. In Australia the prices do not reflect reality or exchange rates, we pay a lot more for gear here compared to the prices I have seen quoted in this forum. Hence the choice of a cheap amp, a Behringer LX110.

To my question: I have a few backing tracks I want to use, in MP3 format on my Ipod. The input on the LX110 is a RCA pair for CD/Tape input. The Ipod, when connected using 3.5mm to RCA from the headphone output, is very very quiet, too quiet to be useful. So I think I need a line out from the Ipod to the amp. But it seems very hard to find a solution where I won't be wasting money on a $50 cable from China that may or may not work. Has anyone got a line out solution they use ie the Apple dock or something similar ?

plug ur 3.5 mm to RCA in to the ipod and then turn the ipod volume 95 % up and then adjust volume on amp itself. should get rid of your quiet problem
well, your starting gear's way nicer than mine was, so don't complain about that. Anyways, if I were you, I'd just listen to my ipod with headphones and turn the amp up. Or just listen with one headphone in, etc.
one of these: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2455298&cp=2032058.2032231.2032280&pg=2&parentPage=family

and a guitar cable

plug the converter into your ipod headphone jack, then run the cable from the other end of the converter to your amp's input. it will be loud.

and i've bought a couple of those converters at radio shack, it's not a web only thing
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Simple solution - that I thought I had already tried. Thanks to theBONErocks, i turned the ipod up to 95% volume, and could hear the tracks. I thought I had done that already, as that was how it works in my car. Anyway, all good, thanks for the help all !