Well my new school makes everyone join the science fair and I wanted to so something guitar related- one of the few things involving science that actually interests me- and some other poser is doing guitar pickups, so I'm left to amps and effects and whatnot. I can't do woodwork which is why I can't do anything really pertaining to guitars themselves.. unless someone else has an idea? The problem is that the project must involve an experiment, which I have no idea what to do with.
For the experiment just compare a proper one with the one you made. Simple.

Sounds like fun though.
Find out the science behind harmonics. Maybe for an experiment you could try to calculate where harmonics should be, and then test your theory. Although you would need to be good at playing harmonics to do that.
String tension and length and how it relates to pitch of notes. Its all physics, and u can explain how notes change with tremolos etc

EDIT: ^^ Tie these 2 together, i can explain harmonics to u if u want i did it all last year

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