the stars freckled this beauty of a night time.
and though you had no intention of gazing you found yourself staring endlessly
upon silvery punctures on that great black canvass
and onto the pretty city below.
then you ask yourself silently, intrigued and mystified
and upon the recurring realization that no answer will ever emerge from you pink seas of thought and memory
you turn with graceful fluidity that can only be found in the complex machines
that lay just under your skin
you face me and say,
"what do we mean?"
just as the question left the warm embrace of your mouth
i catch a brief glimpse at it before it floats back up
and nest where you first saw it,
it didnt find what i found in you.

tell me what yall think, thanks
critisim for fellow critics, be a doll why dontcha :
sweet soul

is you am a dog? is you got a dog?
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