I modded a crybaby with 3 mods. http://www.stinkfoot.se/andreas/diy/mods/dunlop.htm
look under the section "modding the circuit itself"

1st mod- I did the vocal mod. Except I replaced the 33k resistor with a 100k resistor.

2nd mod- I did the mid boost mod. I replaced the 1.5k resistor with a 2.2k resistor.

3rd mod- I did the lower range mod. I changed the 0.01uF cap with the 0.022uF cap.

These mods made the sound better but when its heel down there is slight volume drop.

Now for the pictures. The soldering is a little bit sloppy but IT ALL WORKS FINE. I was new to soldering/desoldering at the time, but the wah works fine.

Oh and the reason im selling it is because I dont have a need for a wah and because I need cash for a BYOC Screamer.

PRICE - $50+Shipping

Thanks for looking, I have two positive buyer ratings on UG if that makes you feel better.