i know UGs inhabitants arnt doctors but.....

last night, my nose collided with a forehead.CRACK!!!! It never bled but it felt as if i was nearly knocked out. It hurts when i wiggle it in certain positions but when normal it just feels a tiny tiny bit swollen. Are there any main features that would define it as broken or would you say its most likely bruised?
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If it's broken, you'll look similar to this.

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It might be broken even if it didn't bleed. Or maybe you just sprained your nose?
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I've never broken mine, but from talking to people who have, you'd DEFINITELY know if it was broken.
You've probably just bruised it pretty bad.
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i broke mine b4 and it didnt bleed or hurt to bad, so i would say go get it checked out just to be safe.
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Oh hello Mr. Wilson..

It might be broken even if it didn't bleed. Or maybe you just sprained your nose?

you can sprain your nose? And if it didn't bleed, it probably isn't broken. But if it still hurts in a couple of days, see a doctor.
I think it's just bruised.. a friend broke his nose.. and it didn't even bled because it was so swollen.. and there were pieces of bone all over the place.. so the blood couldn't pass...

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thnx for the opinions, if it still hurts tomorrow ill go check it out.

it seems to be the left side that hurts a lot more, when its fully broken is it pain all over?
Get it checked out, seriously.

My dad broke his nose when he got smacked upside the face with a hockey stick, but didn't know it was broken. He slept that night, and woke up to find it... Well, bent.

To this day his nose is slightly bent to one side.
Ive broken mine. It leans to one side........im self concious about it all the time.

:/ I was in a car wreck and my face smacked into the seat infront of me. We could barely afford the emergency room visit. :[ i want my nose back. Not to mention i can only breathe through one nostril.
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when i broke mine i got elbowed during an intense game of basketball lol. it didnt bleed but i couldnt see anything for like 5 minutes or more, everything was just black. i was fine other than the fact that i couldnt see, it was weird. it hurt pretty bad i guess. i tried to pop it back over but i was a pussy and couldnt lol.

some say that it isnt broken if it wasnt bleeding but i can feel the crack where it broke and this is a year later, so it doesnt have to bleed.
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