Well, I wish you could have put the camera higher so we could see your hand. But anyway, it seems like your just starting guitar (that's not meant in a bad way!!). That's a good song to start playing. It looks as though your using your whole arm when playing, try using more of your wrist rather your entire arm. The tone is okay, but that's fine for starting off, no need to worry about that. Your palm muting sounds well done. Your guitar sounds like it might need some tuning. When holding a note, practice holding it to it's full length so it doesn't sound staccato. Other than that I think you're off to a great start! Keep on rockin \m/ .

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LOL it's messy....Just need to practice more.

You're playing the wrong notes on some parts and you have like the crappiest distortion i have ever heard.

Sorry about all that lol. Just post it when you have it down.

There's no point in posting stuff like this when you obviously haven't practiced it that much. But just keep playing and experimenting and you'll get better.
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that was pretty bad man. Just seems like your playing the notes but not using any Vibrato or anyhting so its sounds terrible. I am sorry.

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well you know the song and you have that down but right after the first riff, what your doing is just strumming the 7th frett on the a string but your supposed to slide up to it. it will sound a lot better

How long have you been playing? Depending on how long you've been playing it's either terrible or a really good start

Try to get some better distortion.