A colony called Entombment
Rotting Buildings smashed cement
All ways out come up short
The Dogs can always catch our scent
Mondo Vibrations expressing regret
It seems to enhance the viscosity of sweat

They put up fences
We cut holes in them
The run electric charges
Through the steel
We becomes moles
Attack the underground
Generating energy

Keeping people
Restrict the movement of the public
Box them into cubes in the sky
Don't let anything new battle through
a mess,
Broken minds like appliances litter the streets

A settlement that's imploded
The sediment runs through a sieve
Filter out the high class
Some of the water and sand can be saved!
Grandé impressions implying lament,
I know that it thickens up my head

Don't let it be true! The Governor isn't dead!
Don't let it be true! Society didn't end!

All my plans for life are gone
time to regress I guess
And let the natural course of things run-

My civilized life is not done!

But dear, our modern life has flown
And left us standing alone!

Kill to survive
Rebuild a little
Abandon it when sickness hits
Cross America
And in
Saudi Arabia

We all die the same way in the end:
the dogs can always catch our scent...