ive been hearing all this about schecter being the most bang for the buck, so i started looking at them, but then i came across this


origional floyd, emg 81/85, mahogany body... and seeing that michael kellys patriot glorys (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Michael-Kelly-Patriot-Glory-Electric-Guitar?sku=513848) are priced at 500, and the valors (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Michael-Kelly-Valor-Custom-T-Electric-Guitar?sku=513854) at 550, i couldnt imagine the hex deluxe being more then 700

so what do you guys think? will the Hex Deluxe upseat Schecters C-1 Hellraiser(http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Schecter-C1-Hellraiser-FR-Electric-Guitar?sku=518471) for the most bang for the buck?
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maybe, but I doubt it.
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The thing about Schecter is they have a well established rep. MK might make good guitars but until they get better known they're not going to surpass Schecter.
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how much is the HEX?! thats beautiful!
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how much is the HEX?! thats beautiful!

I agree, I wanna play one really bad now...
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Who said Shcecter guitars are this godlike? O.o
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The Micheal Kelly looks ugly IMO. The Schecters are amzing looking.

IMO, Schecters are boring looking. The Michael Kelly looks somewhat more interesting IMO.
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My brother picked up a michael kelly hourglass on christmas and it played and sounded fantastic especially for the money. His was setup real nice so it played perfect.
Not an upset, and there really is no definitive "best bang for the buck" guitar brand. Just different guitars for different people. You just gotta find something you like for what you can afford.

That said, Michael Kelly makes some solid guitars, and you should definitely look into them if your in the market for something new that won't drain all your funds.

/ I <3 my C-1
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IMO, Schecters are boring looking. The Michael Kelly looks somewhat more interesting IMO.


And they've been neglected for some time since most of their guitars were 22 fret fixed bridge mahogany guitars.
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I wish my Schecter S-1 Blackjack was any of the Michael Kelly Patriots.

Spectacular guitars for the price .
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Those are some amazing specs (you don't see ebony fretboards everyday y'know ). Yuck at the active EMG's, though. I remember seeing some Youtube reviews on Michael Kelly's and they did seem like some very nice guitars. Personally I'm not a fan of Schecter :P