I have a Crate GTD65 Amp, and on the back there is a jack labeled "external speaker". I'm no recording expert, but to me "external speaker" translates to "line out". However, when I plug in a cable to the line out and try to record via my computer it makes everything sound staticy and very overdriven, but not in a good way. When I unplug the cable from the external speaker jack the sound returns to normal.

I am able to record when the cable is plugged in to the external speaker jack, but it sounds the same as what is coming out of the amp.

Is the "external speaker" jack not a line out, or is my amp broken?
ok, so i don't really know much about the amp or anything particular, but it sounds like the external amp jack would be more of a link to a PA system or something like that, not a line out.

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your amp isnt broken now but if you keep using it like this it will be....

the external speaker output is for a cabinet, you cant run that to your PC to record because this output needs a correct load (found in the amp manual).

Its basically a power amp output, not an audio output so theres a good chance you could burn up your amp from running with no load and overloading your sound card as well...

If you don't have a headphone out you MUST mic your amp with something like the SM57 from Shure. A small tapco mixer should run very nice and you can then run the audio from the mixer to the line in on your sound card.
I'd be more inclined to replace my soundcard with a dedicated recording one before I got the mixer though (assuming that you don't have a recording soundcard or interface. If so, sorry lol )
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