Okay I've got 2 guitars right now and I'm only mildly pleased with each of them. I have an Epi LP custom silverburst that I've had for a year. Great guitar for $500, I never really had any problems with it but about 2 months ago I decided to get an Ibanez RG370DX cause I wanted a guitar with a trem. The Ibanez is much more comfortable and just more enjoyable to play than the epi, but the trem system isn't that great and it doesn't quite have the balls (down low) that the epi has or the looks (silverburst finish looks amazing). Epi seems to handle distortion better also. So I was thinking of selling both of them and trying to find one higher-end guitar ($800-1000) that I could be happy with. Any suggestions? Should I get a new guitar or just keep the ones I have?

Btw I play mostly hard rock, a little metal and a little classic rock.
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if you look to sell them both, id say go with a better Ibanez or a Schecter
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what amp are you using? sometimes a new amp makes more of a diffrence than a guitar
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As for guitars, maybe an RG1570 with new pickups? It's obviously the same comfortable body style you like but with a decent trem.
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what amp are you using? sometimes a new amp makes more of a diffrence than a guitar

I'm using a Fender stage 100 DSP.
I believe that's solid state, so do replace that. Possibly a Peavey classic 30?
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those infinity pups on your rg are pretty muddy sounding. id recommend replacing them

or getting an eq pedal
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.