if so, tell me what you think of one compared to other brands. I'm sure its nowhere close to Fender or Ibanezes, but I just want opinions.
Oh and if you've got any suggestions for any great basses for $200, let me know.
Fernandes is best known for their travel guitar/basses, which have a built in amp (the deluxe guitar has many built in effects as well).

As for the $200 question, check the FAQ, they have tons of reccomendations, and pictures!
Squier frankenbass
LTD Deluxe EC-1000 in Vintage Black
1960's Banjuke
Robert Trujillo (Metallica) plays one. Just food for thought.

EPIC EDIT: I was watching too many movies, I guess Robert Rodriguez just stuck to me.
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played one at a music store in Nebraska City that had just opened. They sold this brand exclusively and i had never heard of them before so i picked one up and played a bit, and hated it. To me, it felt rather plastic and just overall, cheap.
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I played an Atlas once. I actually kinda liked it. Not as much as my P-bass though.

I also hear they make a mean strat copy.
I have an Atlas. It's a MM style bass, I guess. It packs a pretty mean punch for a 300 dollar bass. It has a few funky tones and it's great for slapping. It's not too versatile, But what do you want for a cheap bass with a bucker? I love mine.
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