Hi, so im teaching myself how to play acoustic guitar and i've learnt the basic chords, except Bm, i just cant get that one. Does anyone have any suggestions on any popular rock songs by MCR, Green Day, Nirvana, The Eagles or any band like those that i could possibly play...without barre chords.

That brings me to the 2nd question : are Capos reallly easier to play barre chords?
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a capo isnt for barre chords, its to... 'uptune' your guitar a couple steps.
like you wanted to play open Em chord as Fm, you'd capo the first fret.
but you dont like move the capo around as you play
If you really did learn your basic chords, than you would know F. It's pretty much the same shape as a Bm.
Try "Tequila Sunrise". You can also get around playing barre chords by just playing the first four strings. It'll get you by. Also, pick up a capo -- you could do 'Fire and Rain" by James Taylor (no barre chords).
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The few green day songs I've learned are all power chords - when I come around, basket case, and Macy's day parade. The last one might not actually be played with power chords but you can play it that way and it sounds fine.

My favourite to play is the riff from when I come around though - currently I'm trying to learn how to palm mute effectively and I usually practice with this riff. If you play in standard tuning (the actual song is tuned down a half step and played 1 fret lower) its power chords on 2nd fret of the E string, then 4th fret of A, 6th fret of A, then 7th fret of E. or tune down half step and play it 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th.
Thanks all. I'll try them especially Tequila Sunrise.
Atrius, thanks a lot but.....i nave no idea what you said about the tuning, but i'll try the songs.....THANKS YOUS!!!
Green Day and Nirvana are mostly power chords and from what little I've looks so is MCR
Im not so sure about the Eagles
Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd is great, it's really basic and easy when it comes to the verses. Last Kiss by Pearl Jam is also good, especially if you're singing it to someone But yea, get the barre chords down, you gotta learn them sooner or later. Oh and you could always learn Good Riddance by Green Day. Might take some time to get your picking accuracy up but that's a great song to learn.
thanks you guys.
So, i got the capo, but....i have no idea how to use it. ive checked UG but im not finding much? Any help...again..please?
You can use a capo to either easily change the key of the song you're playing, or, when you're playing with other guitars, to add different voicings of the chords you're playing by playing further up the neck so that you're not all playing the same chords, same fingerings. You'll get some differing opinions here, but I like to put my capo right behind the fret -- as close to it as possible without being on top of it. Make sure it covers all strings and that no string has shifted before you clamp it down. Strum all the strings to make sure there is no buzz and you're ready to go!

Good Luck!