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lol looks like an ibanez??? don't doesnt even have the fender headstock..
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Eric Clamton plays Fender strats! If you by this guitar, you will sound just like he does!!

No question, its real. Ask Eric Clamton.
hahahaha look how fake the "fender" looks. ok definite scam.
"This is The End, beautiful friend, The End"
lol, seriously?

The tuners clearly say "Yamaha". that certificate of authenticity looks pretty legit tho...

"made by the guy who started up the Fender company -- Freddy Fender himself!!!"
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if you thinks thats real
go drink a can of paint
EDIT: its a yamaha.
look at the picture of the back of the headstock, tuners say yamaha and it clearly says made in YAIJUAN
and the sheet of paper that says

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Don't be a pussy. This guy looks legit.

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hahaha I think you knew the answer when you the posted this.... I hope.

I hate Hendrickson. Hendrix is okay, but Hendrickson...he blows.
... you needed to check with UG whether it was fake?

Its one of the most obvious joke sales ive ever seen.

Look at the peice of paper image halfway down rofl.
HAHA u think thats real? read his discription lol and laugh at the tape that says fender on the headstock. Great joke though:P
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hahahahaha ''This is also known as a "STRAT" by some people. '' Eric Clamton Jimmy Hendrickson hahaha

I think you shoud buy it
you guys know its a joke site... and an old one at that
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wow i hope your joking TS. Cmon man, Eric Clamton and Jimmy Hendrickson play this ibane.......fender. buy it, i would.
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Lets talk about age!

OK, this is the year 2002 and this gitrar was made in the year 1951, so that makes it what? 63 years old, or something like that! Its aintchint -- but when your speeking about giutars the older the better. U can just remember this simpel rule: OLD = vInTaGe!!!

Directly from the listing
So fake it hurts
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why aren't you bidding? he had that guy sign an affidavid so it must be legit!

nevermind the "yamaha" written on the tuning pegs...

just buy it, you'll feel better
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the tuners say yamaha when it says to check the serial number hahaha i wonder if this guy is really stupid, trying to get away with it, or playing a joke
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* A REAL FEDNER "STRAT". Not a fake Fender like some you see.

* It is made in the good ole US of A (not the cheap worthless crap they make in Mexico or Japan)

* 100% original! Nuthing has ben changed on it!

* Unique VERY VERY RARE green color. BAEUTIFUL! All original paint jobs with no "touch up" work!!

* It is perfect for any type of music you like, from classical (yuk!) to heavy metal (yeah!). Even surf music. And rap too, I think (I hate rap LOL).

* One owner!! That's all. It was my grandaddy. And it has been taken care of real well (he always took care of his stuff!). Well, two owners if you count me!! LOL!

* Authentic wood body (not hollow!). IF YOU KNOW GIUTARS, THAN YOU NO THAT IS VERY RARE TO FIND! Some guirtas are made out of cheap plastic!

* Long brown neck (also wood) with all-metal frets! Not rusted! And no fret ware!!

* White dots on some of the frets. ???????

* Six strings. Here's some trivia for you: Some gituras have 12 strings, and base guitars have only 4!!

* Six metal knobs at the end of the neck -- one for each string! Turn them with your finger to change the sounds!.

* Three pickups with a selector switch! Three pickups makes it very loud!! Some non-vintage guitars only have two pickups. They are not as loud.

* Two volumn knobs (both of them go up to 10). Turn them both all the way up if you REALLY want it loud!! LOL See the picture, right below.

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... I cannot beleive that half of you thought I was serious... that's sad. It's a Yamaha, not an Ibanez.

I thought it was funny, I hadn't seen it before.
i love how it isnt even ebay.

i mean seriously. the url says ebayparody in it.

this isnt even a good attempt at a joke.

oh and its been around for a while. i saw this before.
umm, i think that guy is takin the piss? he can't be serious with that auction, unless it was written by a retarded 12 year old.
I wish it was real lol.

Look at the feedback:
User: hankdwarf (0) Date: Aug-23-00 16:12:16 PST Item: 403513114
Complaint: I sent cash (as requested). Seller claims he never received it. So I sent the cash again. He still didn't receive it. I'm going to try one more time.

Ahh, you all have no sense of humour. Either that or your sense of humour is good.
HAHAHAHa that's funny as hell.
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About as legit as a Rolex from a Mexican souvenir stand.

EDIT: Oh wait, it must be real. You can check the cereal number.

/me dies laughing

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Does this remind anyone of the 'Unknown super nintendo game catridge'? With the COA, signed by Lord Nintendo himself?..

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This thread was made back when i had my old 06 account.

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Does this remind anyone of the 'Unknown super nintendo game catridge'? With the COA, signed by Lord Nintendo himself?..

HAHA i wanna see that
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I can't be sure of this (cuz it's so old) but somebody else toll me this giutar may have been made by the guy who started up the Fender company -- Freddy Fender himself!!!

good ole' freddy fender!
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