So im thinking of getting this box set that has MGS, MGS2, and MGS3 (which i REALLY want to play!!).

ive played 2 before, but thats it. so, i wass wandering:

should i play MGS3 first, since its a prequel, or will doing that ruin the whole story????
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edit: to actually answer your question, yes?
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I would recommend playing it through by order of release.

What consoles is that box set for?

I only have subsistence for xbox and I effing love it so I think this would be the logical next step.
MGS 3 snake eater is hella fun.'

it doesnt matter what order but get the game
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i am also getting this soon.for every asking it is for ps2, or at least the ones ive seen are its called,, the essential collection
Play it the way they were released..
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Start with MGS1 although there is more back story to it starting with the nintendo Metal Gear games.
Good idea! Play them in order: 1, 2, then 3. There's a lot of references to MGS1 in 3 that you won't get.
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yeah i loved mgs3 online until they shut off the server, it was one of the best games ever.
ive played each game through about 40 times each(sad i know, but i beat it on expert) and trust me, you'll be better off playing in order of release.