Hey, i need a song to play solo in music class in a couple of weeks, just looking for some reccomendations.
Im not exactly an amazing guitarist, I suppose the solos in The Trooper are about the hardest i can play.
Im looking for something along the lines of neo-classical metal, but not super hard shredding or anything like that. Also, id rather it be an actual solo piece, rather than a full song that normally has singing, because they are kind of boring to play instrumentally. Thanks.
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Canon Rock?
Could go over well for a music class.

Cant sweep pick either... unfortunatley
Jessica- Allman Brothers?\
Cliffs of Dover would be my next suggestion but ummm yeah................................
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Improvise over a chords progression. You will come up with real neat stuff. As for a solo i would say for the love of god. The first 2 mins at least.