if you make the 18v mod to your EMG's does this void the warranty. and were do you get the parts to make the mod. also how hard is it to install EMG's and make the mod to them, i have put passive pickups in before how much different is it.
Seymour Duncan has an 18v active pickup already, dunno if you knew that or not, and I'm thinking that doubleing the power on an active pickup would void the warrenty, although I'm not 100% on that or not.
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Don't you just run 2 batteries in parallel?

You run them in series. Running them in parallel would up the current that they would output, not the voltage.
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Its on the emg website, it makes emgs less compressed, gives them a passive on steriods sound
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No idea about the warranty

i had my EMG`s installed, so once again no idea

the 18V mod is mandatory , it just makes EVERYTHING better and it`s easy

just get the 9 volt battery clip thing at a radio shack it`s like 2 bucks for 4 of them and cut the wire going to the input of the guitar and wire the extra 9 volt clip in .. Black to black on the input side and red to back. plug in your 9V`s and go shred